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​​​​​​​This educational institute was incepted in 1933, to carry forward the dreams of  a Visionary and Philanthropist - Sheth Shri Lalji Dayal. The objective of the institution was that every child who wishes to get educated, can do so and no child should remain illiterate in the Gujarati  Community. Today, that dream has continued, and the school has achieved its glory due to the dedication of all who have been associated with it.

About our founders…
Sheth  Shri Lalji Dayal was born in 1856 in Gujarat, Kutch Mandvi. At a tender age of 11 years, when children of his age were enjoying their childhood, he was introduced to the family business. In his entire lifespan, he achieved success in all his business ventures as they flourished, due to his foresight and the business acumen that he possessed. He was always interested in investing in ventures that would  pay rich dividends and also serve the society at large. He was particularly interested in the acquisition of property. One such property is the property of the school, where in 1924, he bought over an institution (Gandharva Mahavidyalaya). In order to continue his legacy over a period of time and maintain continuity for his philanthropic activities, Sheth Shri formed a trust in 1931 called Seth Lalji Dayal Amalgamated Trust. After relentlessly serving the society, Sheth Shri Lalji Dayal expired in the same year after a prolonged illness in 1931.

In the year 1909, he was blessed with a daughter Kabubai (Lilavati). He brought her up with love and affection and imbibed into her the right and the rich culture which the  Bhatia community is proud of even today. In 1927, Sheth Shri Lalji Dayal got his daughter married in a grandiose manner befitting his name and fame. However, that joy was short lived. Smt. Lilavati expired within just two years of getting married in 1929. Sheth Shri was heartbroken, as any father would be. 

In order to keep his memory alive, of the great deeds done by Sheth Shri,  one of the first trustees of the Trust, Sheth Shri Devidas Madhavji Thakershi started the school in 1933 and renamed the institution to “Lilavati” (also known as Kabubai) Lalji Dayal Hindu High School” The school thus, had its name and the institution today runs under the name of “Lilavati Lalji Dayal High School & College of Commerce.

The institution over a passage of time has ensured that the thought process of Sheth Shri is always maintained-"To provide education to all." Due to the sustained and relentless efforts of all the trustees  (past and present), today the institution can boast of many achievements over the years. The institution is what it is today because of the excellent management skills of all the trustees who have served and are serving the trust in an honorary capacity. The trust board has always been blessed by the almighty by having well renowned and illustrious personalities who have dedicated their time, effort & energy to managing the institution.

The institution has always promoted education and ensured that this activity is kept affordable. The fees for education are deliberately kept  nominal. However, modernization of the infrastructure has not been compromised. There has always been a sustained effort of the Trust to relentlessly modernize the infrastructure. The institution today can boast of a well-equipped computer lab, awonderful science lab, an auditorium  and a huge playground for which is the envy of other institutions around.

The institution has always been blessed with resolute, zealous and loyal office bearers all through. These office bearers have always had foresight to think ahead.   The combined strength of the  institution today is close to 1400 students in the Gujarati, English and Junior College section of the institution.

All the principals of the institution who have headed it have left an indelible mark in the history of the institution one way or the other. Shri C.D. Pathak whose sustained efforts brought glory to the Gujarati Medium , Shri  Lehru who was instrumental in starting the English Medium section in 1983-84,  Ex-Principal  Shri D.P. Randheria who started  the junior college section of the school in year 1991, and lately, Principal Maurya and the administrator Ms. Priyanka Panchal under whose tenure the Degree College of the institution was incepted in 2018.

Making profit has never been the motive of our school. With the principle of  “Education is not a business” the institution has been blessed with staff / faculty who have selflessly dedicated their lives towards education. The results of the institution have always been high, and today the school can boast of a 100% pass percentage  of all its school students in the Xth standard, a 90+% pass percentage in the Jr. College Std. XIIth. This is all due to the sustained  dedication and relentless effort of all the teaching staff who have always been the backbone of the institution.

The students have also brought glory to the institution by excelling in extra curricular activities too and have won many inter-school and inter-collegiate competitions  in the field of non-academic events. Some of the students have also been participants on a national level in sporting events and have brought glory to the institution.

The Trust - Sheth Lalji Dayal Amalgamated Trust, has carried forward the ideas of service to society. It is also involved in many other philanthropic activities like providing  Loans, Scholarships, Loans for students wishing to pursue education abroad, free education to the needy, providing medical facilities to mention a few. The trust also has a residential building which houses many tenants at affordable rates.

The Trust  and the office bearers of the school are committed to the advancement and modernization of the institution.
Our  Torch Bearer’s who have ensured glorious years for the Institution…​

Principal Name                                                                    From                          To
SHRI. A. ADALJA                                                                1933                          1954
SHRI. CHAMPAKLAL DALPATRAM PATHAK                   1954                          1977
SHRI. LEHRU CHANDRAKANT PRANSHANKER            1977                          1984
SHRI. BHAGAT SUBHASH HARKISONDAS                     1984                          1986
SHRI. DHANSHUKHLAL PRANLAL RANDERIA               1986                          1993
SMT. JAYSHREE .R.MODY                                                 1993                          2004
SMT. VEENABEN VIKRAM SAMANI                                  2004                          2007
SMT. ILA YOGESH JOSHI                                                  2008                           2009
SHRI. JAYPRAKASH BABURAM MAURYA                      2009 till date.




​​Sheth Shri Lalji Dayal

and his daughter

Smt. Lilavati

​​​History of the institution