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F.Y.J.C Unaided

On 12th June 2021, the college had organized a talk show about Advertising and Media. Our esteemed speaker for the show was Mr. Nayan Chandan, an established Ad agency professional with over 20+ years of experience in the field of music, art fields and co-producer of two movies. He is the founder of 'Mojo Media'- a production and marketing company which has catered to a lot of big brands. As the session was a huge success with full participation and the students wanted more inputs a part 2 of the event will be organized at a later date.





Use following code for online admission:

FYJC Aided Section- M U 0 5 0 9 C G E

FYJC Un-Aided Section - M U  0 5 0 9 C N E

Degree College (B.Com, B.A.F, B.M.s) - 1 0 7 9


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