Rules and Regulations

The school has been governed very efficiently with the rules and regulations which are well defined.

Although all the rules and regulations herein are current in nature, they are subject to change at any given point of time at the discretion of the management as it deems fit.  The decision taken by the management is final and binding on all and is not open to any discussion, deliberation by the student, parent, or any third party representing the student or anyone under any circumstances. Although extreme care and concern will be shown towards the management reserves the right to take any steps as it deems fit in case repeated requests to resolve the issue are not complied with. The authorities adopt a “Zero tolerance policy” towards any act of indiscipline, vandalism or any act that tantamount to tarnishing the reputation of the institution, or directly or indirectly has a bearing on the functioning of the school and any compromise with its principles and ethos.