​​Shri. KirtiKumar K. Dayal


Shri. Kirtikumar Dayal is the senior most member of  Sheth Lalji Dayal Amalgamated Trust and has been rendering selfless & dedicated services to the trust from 1984. A Businessman by profession, he is one of the most well respected gentlemen in the Gujarati Bhatia community. He is also a Managing trustee with various institutions and as committee member serves various other organizations in different honorary capacities.  Very humble and affable gentlemen, he has always put service to the society ahead of his own interests.

Shri. Kishore M. Vusonjii


Shri. Kishore Vusonjii joined the Trust board in 1998 and has been providing his dedicated services to the cause of the trust. He is a senior partner in one of the most reputed Law firms acclaimed Worldwide. He has played a great supporting role to the trust for years now. His sharp observation and direction, have helped the trust to attain new heights and fulfill its objectives and its activities.

​​​Shri Dhiren M. Merchant


Shri. Dhiren Merchant joined the trust board in 1992 and has been serving the noble cause as a trustee consistently from the time he joined. A professional Interior Designer and Architect, he has dedicated many a years in serving the society at large. His inputs have helped the trust to take care of the upkeep of the various property that it owns. His ethics and practices have been exemplary, which have resulted in he being an inspiration for all that he is associated with.

Shri Dhiren S. Sampat


Shri. Dhiren Sampat has joined the Trust board in 2012. An independent Management consultant, he has close to 28+ years serving in very senior management positions in the corporate world. He has been deeply involved in the development of the Trust activities and has a vision of  nurturing the expanding educational activities of the trust.