Online study - The new way of learning (Std. X & XII) 

In these unusual times where the education system has gone through a massive change, it is important that you as a student get updated for your competitive exams of std X and XII. The Videos made by us are a small token of support to help you with your education.

Methodology to watch the videos:

Steps to view:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the online tutorial relevant to you.( SSC / HSC )
Step 3: You will be guided to our Youtube Channel where a Playlist for the particular topic is displayed.
Step 4: Click on the topic and start learning!!

‚ÄčIf you have any specific queries feel free to reach out to us by mailing us at
The institution would like to thank the faculty of the school- Mrs. Leenata Bitlingu (Vice Principal), Mrs. Suvarna Kate (Hindi), Mrs. Shilpa Satam (Marathi) who have shared their knowledge for making the videos possible for std X. Mr. Shazad Kavarana (Economics), Mrs. Sunita Sanap (S.P), Mrs. Bharati Dhanmeher (OCM), Ms. Kausar Sayed (English) for sharing their knowledge for std XII.

This entire videos based training would not have been possible unless there was a relentless and a dedicated effort of two staff members- Mrs. Jennifer D'cruz (Management Council Member) and Ms. Neha Kazi (Asst. Vice Principal) who made these videos possible With their wonderful & precise narration. A note of thanks to our IT faculty Ms. Kishoree Londhe for uploading the videos systematically for your view.
Although all care has been taken to make the videos with accuracy and correctness an any error for the same is regretted. These videos are for the use of our students at Lilavati Lalji Dayal High School &College of Commerce.

Watch. Download. Share.
                           Wishing the std X and std XII all the best for your Board Exams.

Mrs. Jennifer D'cruz

Ms.Neha Kazi

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