Social Work in True Sense…

Our children are learning values in the school. Community Service taught in the textbooks is not enough. These young Lilavatians actually put this in practice… Result??? Countless blessings and good wishes from all who benefitted from that!!

Water distribution drive… (23rd April 2018)

Summer is here and so is the scorching heat!!

On 23rd April 2018 the students of std. IX & X went to the streets of Mumbai and distributed free water bottles to quench the thirst. Metro workers, police as well as people on road were distributed free water bottles by your young force of students.

Food distribution drive….(27th April 2018)

Food as charity. No charges no expectations of any money. Paid by the beneficiaries in kind with blessings and good wishes.

On the last working day of the school on 27th April 2018, students of the school, Jr. College and our energetic staff hit the roads for distribution of food and water. At 4 junctions near the school, this young force carried hot pulao, curds and water bottles and distributed it amongst the needy. Again the metro workers, poor and disabled persons were treated to a meal that they could relish. The students and the staff came back with great memories and stories at various places and shared the feelings that they received from all and sundry. It was a fitting finale to the last working day of the academic  year and all the volunteers carried back with them fond memories of the social work that they did!!

To all well wishers and the people visiting this page – Keep blessing our force of Lilavatians (Students & Teachers) with your blessings and appreciate the noble work done by them!!

 Below are some glimpses of the work done by these lovely ambassadors of school.