Semester 1Semester 2
1.Accountancy and Finance Management I1.Accountancy and Finance Management II
2.Commerce I2.Commerce II
3.Business Economics I3.Business Economics II
4.Business Communication I4.Business Communication II
5.Mathematical and Statistical Techniques I5.Mathematical and Statistical Techniques II
6.Foundation Course I6.Foundation Course I
7.Environment Studies I7.Environment Studies II


(*) Documents required by the institution (Mandatory)

  • Completed admission form
  • 03 copies S.S.C. examination mark sheet & School leaving certificate (attested)
  • Original H.S.C. examination mark sheet & 03  photo copies. (attested).
  • Original leaving certificate from the college last attended & 03  photo copies.  (attested).
  • 06  passport size photographs (with red background)
  • Passing Certificate (Original) & 2 photo copies (attested) of  std. XII
  • 02 Copies of address proof (Any one): Passport / Ration Card / Electricity Bill.
  • 02 copies each of Aadhar card of self and parents.
  • 02 photocopies PAN CARD  of self, parents.
  • Original passing certificate & Migration certificate with 05 photocopies ( For students of non Maharashtra Board)
  • 03 photocopies of the Caste Certificate in case of SC / ST / VJ / NT / OBC & S.B.C. (if applicable)

Any other document that may be required by the institution.

(Note: No admission will be granted if the above mention documents are not submitted along with the application form and the applicable fees.)

​One of the most popular degree qualification for any Commerce aspirant has been attaining B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree from the inception of education at the degree level this is one of the most popular Career path chosen by the student irrespective of any business or a venture any basic accounting principles are a most for any graduating aspirant.
The B.Com degree caters to the needs of these aspirants. This degree gives a holistic view of the commercial activities for any business entity. A Commerce professionals one of the most so Sought after professionalist in any sphere.

This degree exposes the student to the understanding of Accounts, Finance, Business Operation, Fundamentals of Commerce and marketing to name a few.

COURSE  CURRICULUM (F.Y.B.COM) Semester I & II                         

​Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) is a three year undergraduate course that offers in-depth knowledge in accounting and financial subjects. The course helps aspirants to acquire knowledge in the field of accounting, taxation auditing, risk management, financial accounting, taxation, managerial economics, business law, and business communications.

Due to rapid growth of small scale the MSME sector qualified finance professional are always going to be a challenge for any industry. At The end of the qualification attained the Student will be well versed with their most of the Accounting functions of Business and will be able to See a career as Professional.The course also well develop student's ability to understand & comprehend the Terminology associated with Finance.


  • Seminars
  • Projects
  • Practical training
  • Industrial visits
  • Conferences
  • Expert talks

*Placement assistance on completion of the 3rd year of  course will be provided.

COURSE  CURRICULUM (F.Y.B.A.F) Semester I & II                         

​​​​​​Lilavati Lalji Dayal Degree College of Commerce (Night)

Timings : 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm (Monday to Saturday) 

Our institution has always strived to achieve and scale greater heights all through and pursue higher goals in education all the time. With a well established school from its inception in 1933 to establishing a junior college of commerce in 1991 it was always a matter of time before the institution started offering a degree college program in commerce.
In the year 2018 the institution scaled a higher peak once more!!

The institution has received permission to start a degree college for Bachelor of Commerce  (B.Com) from the academic year 2018-19.

Seeing the demand for professional courses the institution did not rest on its achievements and in the year 2020-2021 received the recognition from the Mumbai University to offer Bachelor of Accounting and Finance ( B.A.F. ) and Bachelor of Management studies.( B.M.s.) 

Pursuing B.M.S., B.A.F. or B.Com. at Lilavati Lalji Dayal Degree College of Commerce will  help you to get exposure to subjects of management, finance and commerce. B.M.S. will bring out the team leader in you. B.A.F. will make you an accounting expert. B.Com. will provide a strong foundation in commerce. The experienced and qualified staff will add more value to it. Our timings are suitable for Earn and Learn.


Refer to the admission process for seeking admission to various courses.

Semester 1Semester 2
1.Financial Accounting (Element of F.A) I1.Financial Accounting (Special Accounting Area) II
2.Cost Accounting I2.Auditing (Introduction and Planning) I
3.Financial Management I3.Taxation (Indirect Tax) I
4.Business Communication I4.Business Communication II
5.Foundation Course I5.Foundation Course II
6.Commerce (Business Environment) I6.Business Law I
7.Business Economics I7.Business Mathematics

Bachelor of Management Studies

B.M.S Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S) is a three-year undergraduate program that offers advanced studies in the field of management that are necessary to run an organisation efficiently It also provides in-depth knowledge of human resource management, economics, and business studies.
The B.M.S course provides students with vast knowledge of changing world of management, new business techniques, entrepreneurship, trading, finance, stock and risk analysis It includes various training sessions and extra and co-curricular activities that are essential for the overall development of the students to help them understand the real world challenges.
B.M.S also teaches budding entrepreneurs how to expand their businesses with least number of risks Students learn to critically analyze situations and to solve the complexities of management.


  • Seminars
  • Projects
  • Practical training
  • Industrial visits
  • Conferences
  • Expert talks

*Placement assistance on completion of the 3rd year of  course will be provided.
​COURSE  CURRICULUM (F.Y.B.M.s) Semester I & II      

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Semester 1Semester 2
1.Introduction to Financial Accounts1.Principles of Marketing
2.Business Law2.Industrial Law
3.Business Statistics3.Business Mathematics
4.Business Communication I4.Business Communication II
5.Foundation Course I5.Foundation Course II
6.Foundation of Human Skills6.Business Environment
7.Business Economics7.Principles of Management 

B.Com. / B.A.F. / B.M.S.

Semester 3Semester 4
1.Accountancy and Finance Management III1.Accountancy and Finance Management IV
2.Commerce III2.Commerce IV
3.Business Economics III3.Business Economics IV
4.Advertising I4.Advertising II
5.Business Law I5.Business Law II
6.Foundation Course III6.Foundation Course IV
7.Management Accounting 7.Auditing

COURSE  CURRICULUM (T.Y.B.COM) Semester V & VI                         

Bachelor of Commerce

Semester 5Semester 6
1.Commerce V
1.Commerce VI
2.Business Economics V
2.Business Economics VI
3.Financial Accounting and Auditing VII
3.Financial Accounting and Auditing IX
4.Financial Accounting and Auditing VIII
4.Financial Accounting and Auditing X
5 Direct/Indirect Taxation-I
5.Direct and Indirect Taxation II
6.Export Marketing I
6.Export Marketing II